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Submitted on
February 27, 2009
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The Spring Pixie

Beyond the old red barn,
leaning heavily against
the iron gate,
waits the forest glade,

where a young pixie sprite
with large brown eyes and
pale complexion, dressed in cobwebs,
sits on the soft-twisted knot
of an oak.

Her knees drawn to her chest,
her head laying in the fold of her arms.

Above her, a golden
leaf protects her from
the mist collecting in the trees.

She sighs in a small voice
only others of her kind can hear

"Oh how I miss the warmth of the sun,
the red robin's song
and the gathering of bluebonnet nectar."

Bitter wind blows,
the first frost
bites the last tender bit of green
as toads on the lily pond
sit frozen,
the crickets in a united chorus,
sing, just
two then one,
then cold gray silence.

The little one
on the soft knot,  her movements slow,
stretches and yawns-
then falls asleep,

Softly she breathes, then turns a pale gray
as the golden leaf above her head breaks lose,
then slowly tumbles down and
wraps itself around her
keeping her safe and
until the first day of spring.

Return Of The Spring Pixie

Early morning, the red robin sings to the dawn,
welcoming a new day.
Echoes are heard from the old barn
where children are at play.
There's been a long silence in the woods,
now laughter awakens
the spring pixie inside her cocoon.

The buds that lie under the cold ground
push up through the earth,
standing straight and proud.
Inside a leaf, movement begins;
a hand pushes at the delicate casing,
working through each brittle scale.

This, her shelter, has kept the spring pixie safe
through the winter, but now she must be free.
The sun breaks through the canopy of an old oak,
shining on the wrapped golden leaf,
exposing the silhouette
of a tiny figure.

While down in the lily pond crickets and toads
sing louder their encouraging symphony.
"Spring is here at last, Pixie,
come dance in light with the fairies."

The spring pixie bursts through the leaf,
turning it to dust,
and it falls to the ground to nourish all of us.
She stands on a soft knot of the old oak,
her translucent wings spread open to the warmth of the sun
as they flutter in tune with the beating of her heart.

A rainbow of color shines all around her,
golden glitter shimmers in her hair
and what was once her dress of cobwebs,
is now a flowing white silk gown.

The pixie smiles,
then leaps into the open air
and like a hummingbird flies away.
All that can be seen is a trail of colorful dust
moving from tree to tree.
Picture by V-NYA
PeterRollar Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Fine work. Nice to read something like this after all this customisation stuff.
Catfish9 Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2009
Thank you, Peter.
DopeySneezy Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2009
Well, I just LOVE this!
Have a llama AND a Jark!
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